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Time to change, India?

All this happening in our country at the moment, not cool at all. An entire section of the population, almost 50% feel unsafe, not knowing what will happen of them once they step out of their homes, not that they are entirely safe within their homes either. A woman brutally gang raped in Delhi, a woman ‘mistakenly’ attacked by a sickle by a man in Mumbai in broad day light, a woman in West Bengal was raped and set on fire, a 20 year old set on fire over a Dowry dispute. Apart from these few cases that managed to make headlines, countless stories of molestation, acid attacks, infanticide, domestic violence, dowry deaths, blackmail, assault and violence continue to haunt women.

A very unfortunate, brutal gang rape took place in Delhi earlier this week. In spite of the much talked about Gujarat elections that took place around the same time, the results of which could probably determine the next Prime Minister of India, we need to give it to the media to have stuck to giving a good amount of footage to the Delhi case. But soon, the media seemed to be doing what they do best; getting random people on their panel discussions to scream pointlessly at each other, going to any extent for the sake of TRPs. One news channel actually got the mother of a rape victim to ‘share her experience’ with their viewers. And then of course, we have opinion leaders and opinion makers who go out in the open and say that rapes happen because of the influence of ‘The West’. Some also go to the extent of saying, that rapes happen because of eating ‘Chowmien’. While others say that rapes take place because men and women interact freely. And the authorities of course, play the blame game. The opposition blames the ruling party, the ruling party blames the police, the police blames the courts, the courts blame the citizens… I mean, WHAT THE FUCK!

However, one positive outcome of whatever the media is doing is the kind of outrage it has managed to generate among the people, hopefully all of that not being short lived. Today, as I type, thousands of people, youngsters, more or less my age, are protesting in Delhi. Brilliant, I say, and not sarcastically at all. My only problem with these protesters is that they all appear with candles when things go wrong, but when it’s time to vote, they conveniently say ‘Arrey ksiko vote kare? Sabhi toh chor hai!’ As these protests were happening in Delhi, a woman was publicly stripped and gang raped in Tripura. PUBLICLY! Most of these people who watched all the ‘tamasha’ are the ones most likely to go and attend the next candle light march to protest this kind of an act. The country has seen similar protests and agitations in the past; post terror attacks, to get rid of corruption, to tackle the reservation issue and what not. And then, the government comes out with a set of template promises to ‘set up a commission’  and ‘probe into the matter’ and ‘suspend all those involved’ and God alone knows what. And what happens then? We believe them. And they do nothing.

Thousands of people protested today. And not one ‘elected representative’ showed them any respect. Not one came out and showed the decency to speak to them. Not one! Instead, the cops attacked the crowds with lathis and tear gas. And our Home Minister came out and spoke to the media hours after all that drama and promised to take action against those few cops that violently attacked the crowds. This is what the Home Minister had to say, apart from of course, the template promises; very conveniently digressing from the main issue. His statement diverted the entire media attention that was being showered at the protests all of today. The media is now talking about the cops suspended. The media is doing it’s job of course, I would say without being too cynical of it. Being a media student myself, I understand how difficult it is to broadcast news 24/7 without irritating (or trying to irritate) the viewers with the same news over and over again.

I am not against protests, in fact I will happily be joining the next one to be held in Mumbai. My problem is with the way we deal with the matter. My problem is protesting and then forgetting about it. My problem is not tackling the problem ourselves. My problem is with the people who rant and rant, update Facebook statuses, change display pictures to black dots as a ‘sign of protest’ and then go to Lonavala when it’s time to vote.

But all that aside, I do not want to politicize this  issue of crimes against women. It is something that has existed in our country irrespective of the people in power. Of course we should have more stringent laws. Of course the guilty need to be punished without any waste of time. I strongly believe that those who torture, should be tortured in return. Those who rape must be castrated. Do it the ancient Greek way, I would say, crush their testicles using two stones. Those who attack a woman with acid, need to be attacked with acid in return. Those who kill need to be sentenced. Extremely strong views, i know. But hell yeah! Mind you, I am not a die hard feminist. And this is not a ‘women’s’ issue. It’s human rights, God damnit! Whereas talking about the human rights of the guilty, I believe they lose their human rights, the very minute they violate someone else’s. But this of course is entirely my opinion. You are free to differ.

One thing about the way this issue was dealt with that completely blew my lid, was the way it was dealt with in the Parliament. Only women leaders reacted strongly towards the issue. Didn’t the men find it to be a case serious enough to be spoken about? Or is it that the men in Parliament only speak when the debate involves ‘much serious issues’ like the FDI and the Quota Bill? Also, most of the panelists on news channel debates were mostly women. Of course, there were a few men, but mostly women. Why is the media also propagating this as a women’s issue? Just yesterday, a certain news channel came to our college to take our opinions and views on the rape case ‘because we were a women’s college and they wanted to see what the women felt about this thing our country is going through at the moment’. Shouldn’t  the media be focusing a little more on what the men think about this? I mean, after all, the men are the offenders here and the women, purely the victims.

Apart from all this, as a society it is important for us  to change mindsets. Any number of laws and punishments will not help until the mindsets change. Nothing can change till we uproot patriarchy from our systems. Our laws are partial towards women, the entertainment media portrays women as ‘items’, (I am not against celebrating a woman’s sexuality, but there needs to be a certain grace, a certain dignity in doing so) even the way our mythological stories are told need to be changed. It’s time TV shows stop depicting Sita as the oppressed, voiceless woman. It’s time they stop bringing Draupadi in the picture only when it’s the Vastraharan scene. It is time TV shows stop revolving around stories of the evil saas and the helpless bahu. Even our gaalis degrade the woman, God damnit! Not to say that I don’t use them too often, not quiet possible while driving on the roads of Mumbai. But I do make a conscious effort of avoiding the gaalis that degrade the woman folk.

This will take time, a hell lot of time. But it needs to start somewhere. The Delhi case happened because this didn’t start before. Now is the time. There is still sometime before things get out of hand. Though the geniuses running our country have solutions to this problem that vary from the women folk dressing up ‘better’ to getting the women married off at 15 to shutting down nightclubs at 1 am. In my opinion, nothing will change till we make a small effort. A small effort to teach our little brothers better. A small effort to go out there and cast our vote. A small effort to know our rights. A small effort to stand by another woman while she is being harassed. A small effort to genuinely want to solve the problem rather than just sitting at home and changing display pictures to ‘don’t rape’.



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